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About two hundred people, among which summer concert regulars, passers-by, and "connoisseurs," clapped their hands along with the rhythms, and also to applaud an excellent band who displayed remarkable technique and a broad repertoire going from classics to Charles Despres' own compositions such as "Foolin' around", or "Someday," proving, as Charles says, that "Blues music is not supposed to make you feel bad."

L'Est Republicain, July 15th, 2002.

The crowd was slightly older than usual at this concert: Blues knows no age boundaries. (...) Charles Despres immersed his listeners in riffs that were as heartfelt as intelligently sparse.

La Liberte de l'Est, November 27th, 2000.

This self-taught musician has been gigging all over the area for a decade. A real virtuoso, he brilliantly covered classics by John Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the like.

L'Est Republicain, June 3rd, 2000.

His acoustic guitar, harmonica and voice were all it took to take the two hundred or so spectators on a trip to the Blue Delta. "The boy sounds good," said T-Model Ford as he was sitting backstage.

(Opening the show for T-Model Ford and Paul "Wine" Jones at Terminal Export in Nancy, France).

L'Est Republicain, December 6th, 1999.

(...) the professionnalism and enthusiasm of Charles Despres and the Midnight Creepers. Tasty ingredients for a delicious helping of Blues.

L'Est Republicain, September 6th, 1999.

On Sunday, at Richard Pouille park, before a hundred music lovers, the blues band delivered an amazing concert, in the purest American vein. (...) No showing off, no false pretenses, simplicity and human warmth were the order of the day. (...) He is no crooner. He is however possessed of a warm voice and his Blues made a lot of believers. Neither does he aspire to be a Rock Star. Charles Despres is just a Blues lover, someone warm and simple in the noble sense of the term.

L'Est Republicain, July 20th, 1999.

(...) Charles Despres is (...) madly in love with early Blues (Lightning Hopkins, Robert Johnson...) (...) he successfully alternates between originals and hallucinatory covers of the masters of the genre.

La Liberte de L'Est, May 26th, 1998.