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Metablues, a kickin', local, weekly blues FM radio program out of Villers-les-Nancy, France, run by my friends Edouard Lombard, Vincent Manneville, and Thierry Pereira. They frequently have guests, like bands, lecturers, etc. I regularly take part in this Saturday afternoon show. They relay all the available information about Blues in the Lorraine region of France, and in France in general. They sometimes have special shows about particular topics, and they usually include news, upcoming gigs, concert reviews, contests, invited bands that play live, interviews... Overall a great blues show with friendly hosts! Check it out!

Here's the type of thing that regularly happens at "Metablues": a live blues jam! On that particular day there were: Arnaud Trolong (guitar), Charles Despres (harmonica), Claude Tisserand (guitar), Paul Lassey (harmonica), Vincent Manneville (amazed host), and an unknown arm (Thierry Pereira's?)

Big George Jackson, singer/harp player from the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA). He is gifted with a beautiful baritone voice and a very nice harp style, and is accompanied by a fabulous band that easily recreates a fifties blues atmosphere. The latest album, entitled "Southern in my soul", tackles a slightly different style, with a soul music influence.

Jon Lawton, singer/guitarist from California; he plays very rootsy stuff. I met him during the summer of 2004, at a show in San Francisco with singer/harmonica player/guitar player R. J. Mischo.

R. J. Mischo, singer/harp player (and now even guitar player) from the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA). He started playing harmonica after seeing Muddy Waters live. I met him in 1996 at the Triangle Bar in Saint Paul, where he played every Tuesday night and hosted a Blues jam. I have unforgettable memories of those nights: the music was so good and the people so friendly. It was also there that I met Jeremy Johnson, who now plays with Big George Jackson. R. J. now lives in California, in the San Francisco Bay area.

Buckwheat Zydeco is the band my friend Olivier Scoazec has been playing with for some years now. Olivier 's originally from Nancy, France, or more precisely, from Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, in the suburbs of Nancy. He plays on the most recent album. Stanley Dural, a. k. a. Buckwheat Zydeco, is one of today's masters of Zydeco, a style of music typical of Louisiana which comes from a blend of Blues (created by African Americans) and Cajun music (music of the French (Acadians (of which "Cajun" is a linguistic deformation) who had been kicked out of Canada by the English and having migrated to Louisiana). It is thus not surprising that the lyrics are alternately in English and French. The instruments typical of the style are the accordion and the rubboard (which is a corrugated iron plate hung around the neck played with spoons for example and which serves as a rhythm instrument.)
Joel Pawlowski, a painter friend of mine who likes to paint blues musicians, among other things.
Blues Club Luxembourg. This friendly team organizes (among other things) monthly concerts at "Sang a Klang", a 19th century theater, and the yearl Jazz and Blues Rallye. They book internationally renowned bands and feature the best regional bands as opening acts.
Sources of information

Digital Domain the site of Bob Katz, mastering specialist, who offers his services as well as a great number of very interesting articles about the differences between analog and digital sound, using compression, recording techniques, mixing, etc...

Prorec mostly home studio and recording oriented. Has archives with great articles about a number of topics such as: compression, mixing, differences between analog and digital sound, microphone reviews, gear, software...

Cap Danse great teachers if you want to learn how to dance most popular styles like rock'n'roll, ballroom dancing, tap dancing, swing dancing, salsa, the west coast swing, salsa, etc. Based in Laxou, France.